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Adding more database file protection

In addition to protecting database files and LUNs using the nvfail option, you can have Data ONTAP rename database files and LUNs that you want protected. Renaming database files and LUNs prevents the database from restarting automatically and gives you an opportunity to examine the files for inconsistencies before clients can access them.

Before you begin

You should ensure that the nvfail option is enabled.

About this task

Data ONTAP requires a file called /etc/nvfail_rename in which to put the names of the files you want protected.


  1. Use an editor to create or modify the nvfail_rename file in the system's /etc directory.
  2. List the path name and file name of database files you want to protect, one file per line, within the nvfail_rename file. You can list any number of files.
  3. Save the file.

After you finish

For instructions about examining database file validity, see the documentation for your specific database software.

If your database uses LUNs, review the steps to make the LUNs accessible to the host after an NVRAM failure.