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Ending SnapVault backups for a qtree

You can use the snapvault stop command to end the SnapVault backup process for a qtree when you no longer need the data in the primary system qtree to be protected.

About this task

After you use the snapvault stop command, SnapVault stops updating the qtree on the secondary system and deletes the qtree. Existing Snapshot copies on the secondary system are unaffected, but as new Snapshot copies replace the old ones, the data from the qtree whose backup was stopped disappears.


  1. From the secondary system, enter the following command:snapvault stop [sec_system:]sec_qtree_path
    [sec_system:]sec_qtree_path is the qtree that you no longer want to back up.
    systemB> snapvault stop systemB:/vol/sv_vol/qtree3
    Note: After you end the backup process from a SnapVault secondary system, you might want to release the obsolete Snapshot copies on the primary system.