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Destination accessibility when using CIFS with SnapMirror

Before copying a directory on a SnapMirror volume that supports CIFS clients, you should ensure that the directories are in the Unicode format. This ensures that the read-only directory copied on the destination is in the Unicode format. This also enables requests through CIFS to access the directory and its files on the destination, and prevents Access denied errors.

You can ensure that both source volume and destination volume directories are in the Unicode format by using one of the following methods:

Method 1

On the system console for the source volume, enter these two commands.
  • vol options vol_name convert_ucode on

    Use this command to convert any existing directories in a volume to the Unicode format.

  • vol options vol_name create_ucode on

    Use this command to ensure that any new directories created in a volume are in the Unicode format.

Method 2

Alternatively, ensure that all directories on the source volume that will be accessed by CIFS clients are accessed by a CIFS client before initial replication to a destination. Such access on a writable source volume automatically converts that directory to the Unicode format.