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Controlling a volume copy operation speed

You can control the speed of a volume copy operation before you start the volume copy operation and during a volume copy operation.

About this task

The speed for reading data from the source volume and the speed for writing data to the destination volume can be different. The slower of the two values determines the time required for Data ONTAP to finish copying the data. You can change the speed of a volume copy operation when you suspect it might cause performance problems on your storage system.
Note: Changing the vol.copy.throttle option changes the default speed for all volume copy operations to follow.


  1. To control volume copy operation speed, choose one of the actions from the following table.
    If you want to control the speed of the volume copy operation... Then...
    Before starting the copy operations Enter the following command: options vol.copy.throttle value

    value is the specific speed you want.

    During the copy operation Enter the following command through a Remote Shell:

    vol copy throttle [operation_number] value

    operation_number is the specific volume copy operation whose speed you want to adjust.

    If you do not specify an operation number, the command applies to all volume copy operations that are in progress.

    value is the specific speed you want.


The following example illustrates changing the speed of all volume copy operations in progress to one-tenth of full speed through a Remote Shell:
rsh systemA vol copy throttle 1volcopy operation 0: Throttle adjusted from 100% to 10%.
volcopy operation 1: Throttle adjusted from 100% to 10%.