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Adding shares with virus scanning turned off

You can add a share with virus scanning turned off if the share will be used only by trusted users, the files are restricted to read-only mode, or speed of access is more important than safety.

About this task

For backup purposes, you can create two shares on the same directory: one share with scanning disabled and a share-level Access Control List (ACL) that allows access only to a backup account; the other share available to normal users and with scanning enabled. Backup can be performed on the share with no virus scanning and improved performance, while normal users continue to access the data through the regular share and get virus protection.
Note: Virus scanning for a share is turned on by default.


  1. Enter the following command: cifs shares -add share_name /path -novscan
    share_name is the name of the share with virus scanning turned off that you want to create.
    path specifies where you want the share created.
    Data ONTAP creates a share with virus scanning turned off.