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Prerequisites before copying a volume

You should make sure that systems involved in a vol copy operation meet certain requirements.


The rest of this section provides more detailed information about verifying whether the source and destination volumes meet these requirements:

You should take care not to overwrite data that you need: If the destination volume is not a new volume, ensure that it does not contain data that you might need in the future. After Data ONTAP starts copying the source volume, it overwrites the entire destination volume. All data in the active file system and in the Snapshot copies of the destination volume is lost after Data ONTAP starts copying the data.

Where volume copies can reside: The source and destination volumes of the copy can reside on the same or on different storage systems.

Recommendation for copying a volume: When a system copies data between two volumes on separate systems, it floods the network between the two systems with packets. Users of the systems involved in a volume copy operation might notice a degradation in response time during the copy. A private network for copying between the source and destination systems helps circumvent network-related performance problems when copying to different systems.

Maximum number of simultaneous volume copies: Volume copy has the same limit of simultaneous copies that SnapMirror replications have.