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Data replication using aggr copy

You can use the aggr copy set of commands to perform a block-to-block copy from one aggregate to another aggregate.

The aggr family of commands manages aggregates. You can initiate an aggregate copy with the aggr copy start command. This enables you to copy all the FlexVol volumes from one aggregate to another aggregate at the same time, either on the same or on a different storage system.

To use aggr copy command in Flash Pool aggregates, you must ensure that the following conditions exist:

You can use the aggr copy start command to generate aggregate copy operations, which produce screen messages that show the progress of the operations. Each aggr copy start command generates two aggregate copy operations, each of which is assigned a number. One operation is for reading data from the source aggregate and the other is for writing data to the destination aggregate. You need the aggregate copy operation number if you want to stop an aggregate copy operation or change the speed of the aggregate copy operation.