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Creating a Snapshot copy manually

You can manually create a SnapVault Snapshot copy on the SnapVault primary or secondary system by using the snapvault snap create command. For example, if you need to recover from downtime during which a Snapshot copy was not taken on time, you can manually create a Snapshot copy.


  1. To create a manual Snapshot copy of a volume, from the primary system or secondary system, enter the following command: snapvault snap create vol_name snap_name

    vol_name is the name of the volume where the Snapshot copy to be created will reside.

    snap_name is the basename of the Snapshot copy to create.

    If there is already a Snapshot copy being created in the volume at the time this command is invoked, this command is carried out after the other Snapshot copy is completed.


systemB> snapvault snap create vol1 sv_nightly
SnapVault creates a new Snapshot copy and, based on the specified Snapshot copy basename, numbers it just as if that Snapshot copy had been created by the SnapVault schedule process. SnapVault names the new Snapshot copy sv_nightly.0, renames the older Snapshot copies, and deletes the oldest sv_nightly Snapshot copy.
Note: Unlike the snapvault snap sched -x command, the snapvault snap create command does not update the data in the secondary qtree from the data in the primary qtree prior to creating the new Snapshot copy. If you want to update your secondary qtrees before using the snapvault snap create command, use the snapvault update command.