Setup requirements and restrictions for mirrored HA pairs

The restrictions and requirements for mirrored HA pairs include those for a standard HA pair with these additional requirements for disk pool assignments and cabling.

  • You must ensure that your pools are configured correctly:
    • Disks or array LUNs in the same plex must be from the same pool, with those in the opposite plex from the opposite pool.
    • There must be sufficient spares in each pool to account for a disk or array LUN failure.
    • Both plexes of a mirror should not reside on the same disk shelf because it might result in a single point of failure.

    See the Data ONTAP Data Protection Online Backup and Recovery Guide for 7-Mode for more information about requirements for setting up SyncMirror with array LUNs.

  • The cf.mode option must be set to ha.
  • If you are using array LUNs, paths to an array LUN must be redundant.