What happens during takeover

When a takeover occurs, the unimpaired partner node takes over the functions and disk drives of the failed node by creating an emulated storage system.

The emulated system performs the following tasks:

  • Assumes the identity of the failed node
  • Accesses the failed node’s disks, array LUNs, or both, and serves its data to clients

The partner node maintains its own identity and its own primary functions, but also handles the added functionality of the failed node through the emulated node.

Note: When a takeover occurs, existing CIFS sessions are terminated. A graceful shutdown of the CIFS sessions is not possible, and some data loss could occur for CIFS users.

If the node doing the takeover panics

If the node that is performing the takeover panics within 60 seconds of initiating takeover, the following events occur:
  • The node that panicked reboots.
  • After it reboots, the node performs self-recovery operations and is no longer in takeover mode.
  • Failover is disabled.