Configuration limitations for fabric-attached MetroCluster configurations with disks

You must be aware of certain limitations when setting up a new fabric-attached MetroCluster configuration with disks.

The fabric-attached MetroCluster configuration has the following limitations:

  • You cannot use DS14mk4 FC disk shelves that are using SATA and AT-FCX storage.
  • You cannot use the switches of the MetroCluster configuration to connect Fibre Channel tape devices, or for FC traffic of any kind; you can connect only system controllers and disk shelves to those switches.

    The switches of the MetroCluster configuration either connect DS14mk4 FC disk shelves to the controllers or FibreBridge 6500N bridge (connected to SAS or SATA disk shelves) to the disk shelves.

  • You can connect a tape storage area network (SAN) to either of the nodes, but the tape SAN must not use the switches used in a MetroCluster configuration.