Initiating normal giveback

You can return control to a taken-over partner with the cf giveback command.

For fabric-attached MetroCluster configurations, the aggregates on the surviving node and the partner node must already be rejoined to reestablish the MetroCluster configuration.

  1. Enter the following command on the command line of the takeover node:

    cf giveback

    Note: If the giveback fails, there might be a process running that prevents giveback, or there might be failed disks in the system. Remove any failed disks and retry the command. For processes that prevent giveback, you can wait and repeat the command. You can also initiate giveback using the -f option to override the checks that prevent giveback.

    After a giveback, the takeover node’s ability to take over its partner automatically is not reenabled until the partner successfully reboots. If the partner fails to reboot, you can enter the cf takeover command to initiate a manual takeover of the partner.