Forcing giveback

Because the takeover node might detect an error condition on the failed node that typically prevents a complete giveback such as data not being flushed from NVRAM to the failed node’s disks, you can force a giveback, if necessary.

You can use this procedure to force the takeover node to give back the resources of the failed node even if the takeover node detects an error that typically prevents a complete giveback.

Note: The cf forcegiveback command should be used with caution because it can cause a loss of data. If you cannot risk loss of data and are unable to complete the giveback, contact technical support.
  1. On the takeover node, enter the following command: cf giveback -f

    The -f parameter allows giveback to proceed as long as it would not result in data corruption or an error on the storage system.

  2. If giveback is still not successful, and if you can risk possible loss of data, enter the following command on the takeover node: cf forcegiveback
    Attention: Use cf forcegiveback only when you cannot get cf giveback -f to succeed. When you use this command, you risk losing any data committed to NVRAM but not to disk.

    If a cifs terminate command is running, allow it to finish before forcing a giveback.