Cabling the FC-VI adapter and inter-switch link

You must cable the HA interconnect and Inter-Switch Link on Node A.

The following illustration shows the cabling of the FC-VI HA interconnect and Inter-Switch Links to the Brocade switches:

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  1. Connect one port of the FC-VI adapter to a port on switch 1 and the second port to the same port on switch 2. In the example we are using ports 0, 4, 8, and 12, for the FC-VI and inter-switch link connections.
    Note: There should be one FC-VI adapter connection for each switch. You must ensure that you have the FC-VI adapter in the correct slot for your system, as shown in the Hardware Universe at
  2. Connect an Inter-Switch Link cable to a port on each switch. In the example, we are using ports 8 and 12 on switch 1 and switch 2 for the Inter-Switch Links.
    Note: If you are using dual inter-switch links, traffic isolation must be configured on the switches.
Cable Node B.