Enabling and disabling takeover on reboot

The takeover on reboot option enables you to control whether an automatic takeover occurs when a node reboots. This automatic takeover, and the automatic giveback that follows after the reboot is complete, can reduce the outage during which the storage belonging to the rebooting system is unavailable.

If this option is enabled and a takeover occurs because of a reboot, then an automatic giveback is performed after the partner has booted. This giveback occurs even if the cf.giveback.auto.enable option is set to off . However, if a node takes over its partner due to a reboot and that node itself reboots before it can execute a giveback, it performs automatic giveback only if cf.giveback.auto.enable is set to on .

If the cf.takeover.on_reboot is off and a node is rebooted then the partner will not take over immediately. But the partner could take over later if the node takes more than 180 seconds to boot.

Note: If the reboot -f command is used, then the partner does not take over under any circumstances, even if the reboot timer expires.
  1. Enter the following command:options cf.takeover.on_reboot on The default is on , unless FC or iSCSI is licensed, in which case the default is off .
    Note: If you enter this command on one node, the value applies to both nodes.

    This option is persistent across reboots.