HA pairs in a system cabinet

Depending on the number of disk shelves, the HA pair you ordered arrives in a single system cabinet or multiple system cabinets.

The number of system cabinets you receive depends on how much storage you ordered. All internal adapters, such as networking adapters, Fibre Channel adapters, and other adapters, arrive preinstalled in the nodes.

If it comes in a single system cabinet, both the Channel A and Channel B disk shelves are cabled, and the HA adapters are also pre-cabled.

If the HA pair you ordered has more than one cabinet, you must complete the cabling by cabling the local node to the partner node’s disk shelves and the partner node to the local node’s disk shelves. You must also cable the nodes together by cabling the NVRAM HA interconnects. If the HA pair uses switches, you must install the switches, as described in the accompanying switch documentation. The system cabinets might also need to be connected to each other. See your System Cabinet Guide for information about connecting your system cabinets together.