Fixing failures caused by the disaster

You need to fix the failures caused by the disaster, if possible. For example, if a prolonged power outage to one of the MetroCluster sites caused the failure, restoring the power fixes the failure.

You cannot fix failures if the disaster causes a site to be destroyed. For example, a fire or an earthquake could destroy one of the MetroCluster sites. In this case, you fix the failure by creating a new partner for a MetroCluster configuration at a different site.

  1. Fix the failures at the disaster site.

After the node at the surviving site can see the disk shelves at the disaster site, Data ONTAP renames the mirrored aggregates that were split, and the volumes they contain, by adding a number in parenthesis to the name. For example, if a volume name was vol1 before the disaster and the split, the renamed volume name could be vol1(1).