Monitoring HA pair status

You can use commands on the local node to determine whether the controller failover feature is enabled and whether the other node in the HA pair is up.

  1. Enter the following command: cf status The following example shows that the HA pair is enabled and the interconnect is up and working correctly:
    node1>cf status
    Controller Failover enabled, node2 is up.
    RDMA Interconnect is up (Link 0 up).

    If the output shows that one link is down, the HA pair is degraded and you must configure the link so that it is up while the other link is still active.

    Note: Depending on the storage system model, the output might display either RDMA interconnect or VIA interconnect in the last line.
    Note: Data ONTAP can disable controller failover if a software or hardware problem exists that prevents a successful takeover. In this case, the message returned from the cf status command describes the reason failover is disabled.