Configuring a partner interface in an HA pair

To prepare for a successful takeover in an HA configuration, you can map a network interface to an IP address or to another network interface on the partner node. During a takeover, the network interface on the surviving node assumes the identity of the partner interface.

When specifying the partner IP address, both the local network interface and the partner’s network interface must be attached to the same network segment or network switch.
  • If the network interface is an interface group, the partner interface must be denoted by an interface name and not an IP address.

    The partner interface can be an interface group or a physical network interface.

  • You cannot specify the underlying physical ports of an interface group in a partner configuration.
  • If IPv6 addresses are to be taken over, you must specify the partner interface, and not an IP address.

    Address to address mapping is not supported for IPv6 addresses.

  • For the partner configuration to be persistent across reboots, you must include the ifconfig command in the /etc/rc file.

    For a successful takeover in both directions, you must repeat the partner configuration in the /etc/rc files of each node.

  • When specifying the partner interface name, you can configure the interfaces symmetrically, for example map interface e1 on one node to interface e1 on the partner node.

    Though symmetrical configuration is not mandatory, it simplifies administration and troubleshooting tasks.

  1. Depending on the partner configuration that you want to specify, enter the following command:
    If you want specify a... Enter the following command...
    Partner IP address ifconfig interface_name partner address

    interface_name is the name of the network interface.

    address is the partner IP address.

    Partner interface name ifconfig interface_name partner partner_interface

    partner_interface is the name of the partner network interface.

Example: Specifying a partner IP address and partner interface name

Consider node1 and node2 are two storage systems in an HA configuration.

If the IP address of the interface e8 on node2 is, the following command allows the interface e1 of node1 to take over the IP address of node2 for the duration of the takeover:
node1> ifconfig e1 partner
Instead of specifying the IP address, you can also specify the partner interface name. The following command allows the interface e1 of node1 to assume the identity of e8 of node2 for the duration of the takeover:
node1> ifconfig e1 partner e8