Best practices for changing module types

If you plan to change the type of any module in your HA pair, make sure that you review the best practice guidelines.

  • Whenever you remove a module from an HA pair, you need to know whether the path you will disrupt is redundant.

    If it is, you can remove the module without interfering with the storage system’s ability to serve data. However, if that module provides the only path to any disk in your HA pair, you must take action to ensure that you do not incur system downtime.

  • When you replace a module, make sure that the replacement module’s termination switch is in the same position as the module it is replacing.
    Note: ESH4 modules are self-terminating; this guideline does not apply to ESH4 modules.
  • If you replace a module with a different type of module, make sure that you also change the cables, if necessary.

    For more information about supported cable types, see the hardware documentation for your disk shelf.

  • Always wait 30 seconds after inserting any module before reattaching any cables in that loop.