Enabling and disabling automatic takeover of a panicked partner

Data ONTAP is configured by default to initiate a takeover immediately if the partner node panics. This shortens the time between the initial failure and the time that service is fully restored because the takeover can be quicker than the recovery from the panic, although the subsequent giveback causes another brief outage.

  • If you enter this command on one node, the value applies to both nodes.
  • The setting of this option is persistent across reboots.
  • By default, Data ONTAP will initiate an automatic giveback after a takeover on panic.

    The cf.giveback.auto.after.panic.takeover option can be used to disable this automatic giveback.

  1. Verify that controller takeover is enabled by entering the following command:cf enable
  2. Enable or disable automatic takeover on panic by entering the following command:options cf.takeover.on_panic {on|off}
    • If the cf.takeover.on_panic option is set to on, a node panic will cause an automatic takeover.
    • If the cf.takeover.on_panic option is set to off, a node panic will not cause an automatic takeover.

      You should not turn this option off unless you are instructed by technical support to do so.