Specifying the time period before takeover

You can specify how long (in seconds) a partner in an HA pair can be unresponsive before the other partner takes over.

Both partners do not need to have the same value for this option. Thus, you can have one partner that takes over more quickly than the other.

Note: If your HA pair is failing over because one of the nodes is too busy to respond to its partner, increase the value of the cf.takeover.detection.seconds option on the partner.
  1. Enter the following command:options cf.takeover.detection.seconds number_of_seconds The valid values for number_of_seconds are 10 through 180; the default is 15.
    Note: If the specified time is less than 15 seconds, unnecessary takeovers can occur, and a core might not be generated for some system panics. Use caution when assigning a takeover time of less than 15 seconds.