Setting up Data ONTAP after connecting devices in a MetroCluster configuration with array LUNs

After connecting the devices in the MetroCluster configuration, you need to set up the Data ONTAP systems to use the storage on the storage array. You also need to set up any desired Data ONTAP features.

Perform the following tasks after connecting the devices in your MetroCluster configuration with array LUNs.
  1. Set up the Data ONTAP systems as described in the Data ONTAP Software Setup Guide for 7-Mode for the systems using only array LUNs.
  2. Create one or more mirrored aggregates.

    See the Data ONTAP Data Protection Online Backup and Recovery Guide for 7-Mode.

  3. Test the MetroCluster configuration, as described in the Data ONTAP High Availability and MetroCluster Configuration Guide for 7-Mode.
  4. Verify network and protocol setup, as described in the Data ONTAP File Access and Protocols Management Guide for 7-Mode.
  5. Configure other Data ONTAP features as desired, for example, data protection features.

    See the relevant Data ONTAP guide for the feature you want to set up.