Configuring automatic giveback

You can enable automatic giveback by using the command.

You should use the automatic giveback feature with care:
  • Do not enable automatic giveback in MetroCluster configurations.

    Before the giveback operation is undertaken, you must rejoin the aggregates on the surviving node and the partner node to reestablish the MetroCluster configuration. If automatic giveback is enabled, this crucial step cannot be performed before the giveback.

  • You should leave this option disabled unless your clients are unaffected by failover, or you have processes in place to handle repetitive failovers and givebacks.
  • If an automatic takeover occurred because the partner node panicked, the default behaviour is that an automatic giveback occurs even if this option is set to off.
  1. Enter the following command to enable automatic giveback:option on The on value enables automatic giveback. The off value disables automatic giveback. This option is off by default.