Creating your port list for mirrored HA pairs

After you determine which Fibre Channel ports to use, you can create a table that identifies which ports belong to which port pool.

Mirrored HA pairs, regardless of disk shelf type, use SyncMirror to separate each aggregate into two plexes that mirror each other. One plex uses disks in pool 0 and the other plex uses disks in pool 1. You must assign disks to the pools appropriately.

Follow the guidelines for software-based disk ownership in the Data ONTAP Storage Management Guide for 7-Mode.

For more information about SyncMirror, see the Data ONTAP Data Protection Online Backup and Recovery Guide for 7-Mode.

  1. Create a table that specifies the port usage; the cabling diagrams in this document use the notation “P1-3” (the third port for pool 1).

    For a 32xx HA pair that has two mirrored loops, the port list might look like the following example:

    Pool 0 Pool 1
    P0-1: onboard port 0a P1-1: onboard port 0c
    P0-2: onboard port 0b P1-2: onboard port 0d
    P0-3: slot 2 port A P1-3: slot 4 port A
    P0-4: slot 2 port B P1-4: slot 4 port B
Proceed to cable the Channel A loops.