Setting matching node options

Because some Data ONTAP options must have the same settings on both the local and partner node, you need to check these options with the options command on each node and change them as necessary.

  1. View and note the values of the options on the local and partner nodes by entering the following command on each console: options The current option settings for the node are displayed on the console. Output similar to the following is displayed:

    autosupport.doit DONT autosupport.enable on

  2. Verify that any options with the following comments in parentheses are set to the same value for both nodes:

    (Value might be overwritten in takeover)(Same value required in local+partner)(Same value in local+partner recommended)

  3. Correct any mismatched options by entering the options option_name option_value command.
    Note: See the na_options man page for more information about the options.