Required equipment for MetroCluster configurations

You should receive the required equipment, such as storage system, HA interconnect adapter, and so on, to install a MetroCluster configuration.

See the Hardware Universe at to confirm your storage system type, storage capacity, and so on.
Note: For fabric-attached MetroCluster configurations, use the information in the Hardware Universe labeled for MetroCluster configurations. For stretch MetroCluster configurations, use the information in the Hardware Universe labeled “for HA Environments.”
Required equipment Stretch MetroCluster configuration Fabric-attached MetroCluster configuration
Storage system Two of the same type of storage systems
Storage See the Hardware Universe at
FibreBridge 6500N bridges (if you are attaching SAS disk shelves) Two FibreBridges are required for each stack of SAS disk shelves.
HA interconnect adapter InfiniBand adapter (Required only for systems that do not use an NVRAM5 or NVRAM6 adapter, which functions as the HA interconnect adapter.)

FC-VI adapter (Required for the 31xx, 32xx, and 62xx dual-controller systems.)

Note: When the FC-VI adapter is installed in a 31xx, 32xx, or 62xx system, the internal InfiniBand interconnect is automatically deactivated.
FC-VI adapter
FC-AL or FC HBA (FC HBA for Disk) adapters Two or four Fibre Channel HBAs
Note: The ports on the Fibre Channel HBAs are labeled 1 and 2. However, the software refers to them as A and B. You see these labeling conventions in the user interface and system messages displayed on the console.
Fibre Channel switches Stretch MetroCluster configurations with array LUNs require these switches. Two pairs of Brocade or Cisco switches
Note: The Fibre Channel switches must be of the same type. A mixture of switch types (such as Brocade 300 and Brocade 5100 switches) is not allowed.
SFP (Small Form Pluggable) modules Not applicable Two or four SFPs are required per fabric, depending on whether you are using single or dual inter-switch links. The type of SFP needed depends on the distance between sites. One short-distance for each switch port used.
NVRAM adapter media converter Only if using fiber cabling Not applicable
Cables (provided with shipment unless otherwise noted)
  • Four SC/LC (standard connector to low-profile connector) controller-to-disk shelf cables or FibreBridge 6500N
  • Two SC/LC IB HA adapter cables
  • Four SC/LC or LC/LC cables
  • If you are using SAS optical cables with your SAS disk shelves, you would have received the cable qualities and lengths you ordered for your configuration.
Note: For information about required cables, see the Interoperability Matrix at
  • LC/LC controller-to-switch cables
  • SC/LC (for DS14) or LC/LC (for DS14mk4 FC) disk shelf-to-switch cables or switch to FibreBridge 6500N
  • Two LC/LC inter-switch link cables, not provided in the shipment
  • Multiple disk shelf-to-disk shelf cables