Considerations for HA pair setup

When the setup program runs on a storage system in an HA pair, it prompts you to answer some questions specific for HA pairs.

The following list outlines some of the questions about your installation that you should think about before proceeding through the setup program:

  • Do you want to configure interface groups for your network interfaces?

    For information about interface groups, see the Data ONTAP Network Management Guide for 7-Mode.

    Note: You are advised to use interface groups with HA pairs to reduce SPOFs (single-points-of-failure).
  • How do you want to configure your interfaces for takeover?
Note: If you do not want to configure your network for use in an HA pair when you run setup for the first time, you can configure it later. You can do so either by running setup again, or by using the ifconfig command and editing the /etc/rc file manually. However, you must provide at least one local IP address to exit setup.