Ensuring uniform disk ownership within disk shelves and loops in the system

If a disk shelf or loop contains a mix of disks owned by Node A and Node B, you must use this procedure to move the data and make disk ownership uniform within the disk shelf or loop.

You must ensure the following:

  • Disk ownership is uniform within all disk shelves and loops in the system
  • All the disks within a disk shelf or loop belong to a single node and pool
Note: It is a best practice to always assign all disks on the same loop to the same node and pool.
  1. Use the following command to identify any disk shelves or loops that contain both disks belonging to Node A and disks belonging to Node B:disk show -v
  2. Determine which node the disk shelf or loop with mixed ownership will be attached to when the HA feature is unconfigured and record this information. For example, if the majority of the disks in the loop belong to Node A, you probably want the entire loop to belong to stand-alone Node A.
Proceed to disable the HA software.