Statistics in takeover mode

Explains differences in system statistics when in takeover mode.

In takeover mode, statistics for some commands differ from the statistics in normal mode in the following ways:

  • Each display reflects the sum of operations that take place on the takeover node plus the operations on the failed node.

    The display does not differentiate between the operations on the takeover node and the operations on the failed node.

  • The statistics displayed by each of these commands are cumulative.
  • After giving back the failed partner’s resources, the takeover node does not subtract the statistics it performed for the failed node in takeover mode.
  • The giveback does not reset (zero out) the statistics.

    To get accurate statistics from a command after a giveback, you can reset the statistics as described in the man page for the command you are using.

Note: You can have different settings on each node for SNMP options, but any statistics gathered while a node was taken over do not distinguish between nodes.