Testing takeover and giveback

After you configure all aspects of your HA pair, you need to verify that it is operating as expected in maintaining uninterrupted access to both nodes' storage during takeover and giveback operations. Throughout the takeover process, the local (or takeover) node should continue serving the data normally provided by the partner node. During giveback, control and delivery of the partner's storage should return transparently to the partner node.

  1. Check the cabling on the HA interconnect cables to make sure that they are secure.
  2. Verify that you can create and retrieve files on both nodes for each licensed protocol.
  3. Enter the following command from the local node console: cf takeover See the man page for command details. The local node takes over the partner node and gives the following output:

    Failover monitor: takeover completed

  4. Use the sysconfig -r command to ensure that the local (takeover) node can access its partner's disks.
  5. Give back the partner node's data service after it displays the Waiting for giveback message by entering the following command: cf giveback The local node releases the partner node, which reboots and resumes normal operation. The following message is displayed on the console when the process is complete:

    giveback completed

  6. Proceed depending on whether you saw the message that giveback was completed successfully:
    If takeover and giveback... Then...
    Is completed successfully Repeat Step 2 through Step 5 on the partner node.
    Fails Correct the takeover or giveback failure and then repeat this procedure.