Feature update record

This record provides the history of changes made to this guide. When a change is made, it applies to the release in which it was implemented and all subsequent releases, unless otherwise specified.

Feature updates Feature first implemented in

Feature release date
  • Updates for FAS920
  • Update for NVRAM5
  • Illustration updates
Data ONTAP 6.5.1 May 2004
  • Updates for NVRAM5 support in FAS900 series HA pairs, except for MetroCluster.
  • Failover event cause-and-effect table.
  • Declaration of Conformity update.
  • Addition of controller failover and single-point-of-failure analysis.
Data ONTAP 7.0 November 2004
  • FAS30xx information.
  • Corrections were made to the Upgrading an LRC to ESH/ESH2/AT-FCX procedure.
Data ONTAP 7.0.1 April 2005
  • Incorporation of the Cluster Administration chapter from the Data ONTAP 7-Mode System Administration Guide and the Disaster Protection Using MetroCluster appendix from the Data ONTAP Data Protection Online Backup and Recovery Guide.
Data ONTAP 7.1 June 2005
  • Updated MetroCluster information for FAS30xx
Data ONTAP 7.1 October 2005
  • Updated module replacement information.
  • Fixed problem in Brocade switch configuration information.
Data ONTAP 7.1 December 2005
  • Updated and extended HA pair information.
  • Moved Brocade switch configuration to Brocade Switch Description Page.
  • Moved from cluster to active/active configuration.
  • Added information about Multipath Storage for HA pairs.
Data ONTAP 7.1.1 June 2006
  • Generalized standard and mirrored HA pair cabling instructions
  • Updated standard and mirrored HA pair cabling instructions to include FAS60xx
Data ONTAP 7.2 RC1 February 2006
  • Changed name of document from Cluster Installation and Administration Guide to Active/Active Configuration Guide
  • Added FAS60xx information
  • Updated and extended HA pairs configuration information
  • Moved Brocade switch configuration to Brocade Switch Description Page.
  • Moved from cluster to active/active configuration
Data ONTAP 7.2 RC3 May 2006
  • Added information about Multipath Storage for HA pairs
Data ONTAP 7.2.1 November 2006
  • Added quad-port, 4-Gb Fibre Channel HBA, ESH4 module, DS14mk4 FC disk shelf information
  • Added information to explain that automatic giveback should not be used in MetroClusters
  • Updated Multipath Storage information
  • Updated MetroCluster disaster recovery information
  • Corrected failover and single-point-of-failure table
Data ONTAP 7.2.2 March 2007
  • Added procedures for configuring fabric-attached MetroClusters on systems using software-based disk management
  • Added procedure for unconfiguring an active/active pair and returning to stand-alone operation
Data ONTAP 7.2.3 June 2007
  • Added support for 504 disks in MetroClusters
  • Added support for the FAS6040 and FAS6080 systems
  • Added support for the change_fsid option
  • Added procedure for removing an HA pair
Data ONTAP 7.2.4 November 2007
  • Changed name of document from Active/Active Configuration Guide to High-Availability Configuration Guide
  • Moved from active/active configuration to High Availability pair
  • Added information about configuration on V-Series systems
  • Added support for 672 disks in MetroClusters
  • Added MetroCluster support for the Brocade 300 and 5100 switches
Data ONTAP 8.0 RC1 June 2009
  • Added references to the DS4243 disk shelf documentation
Data ONTAP 8.0 GA January 2010
  • Added support for 32xx and 62xx systems
  • Added support for the 8-Gbps FC-VI adapter on MetroCluster configurations
Data ONTAP 8.0.1 August 2010
  • Added support for 32xx and 62xx systems.
  • Added support for the 8-Gbps FC-VI adapter on MetroCluster configurations.
Data ONTAP 7.3.5 October 2010
  • Added more SAS disk shelf information and references to SAS disk shelf documentation
  • Updated multipath HA as a requirement
  • Removed procedures for non-multipath HA cabling
  • Replaced the term Multipath Storage with multipath HA for consistency with other documentation
Data ONTAP 8.0.2


May 2011
  • Added support for MetroCluster with SAS disk shelves
  • Added support for MetroCluster shared-switches configurations
  • Added procedures for MetroCluster installation with third-party storage
  • Added support for FAS2240 systems
Data ONTAP 8.1 RC1 September 2011
  • Removed references to ESH2 and LRC modules
Data ONTAP 8.1 GA December 2011
  • Changed title to Data ONTAP High Availability and MetroCluster Configuration Guide for 7-Mode
  • Added MetroCluster support for Cisco switches
Data ONTAP 8.1.1 RC1 May 2012
  • Added support for automatic giveback after takeover-on-panic
Data ONTAP 8.1.2 RC1 October 2012
  • Added support for 3220 and 3250 systems
Data ONTAP 8.1.2 GA November 2012
  • Added support for the cf.mode option
  • Added coverage for the MetroCluster configuration requirement for both the cf.mode and cf.remote_syncmirror.enable options
  • Added support for native disks in addition to LUNs on storage arrays for V-Series MetroCluster configurations
Data ONTAP 8.2 RC1 April 2013
  • Added coverage for disk pool assignment in a stretch MetroCluster configuration
Data ONTAP 8.2 GA May 2013
  • Added coverage for nondisruptive shelf removal
  • Added support for SAS optical cables
  • Transferred troubleshooting topics to NetApp Support Site
Data ONTAP 8.2.1 RC1 November 2013
  • Added support for FAS80xx systems
  • Added coverage for FlexArray Virtualization Software transition
  • Added the Verifying the MetroCluster Configuration chapter
Data ONTAP 8.2.1 GA February 2014