Connecting the switch fabric in a MetroCluster configuration with array LUNs

Connecting the switch fabric involves connecting the ISL cables and applying power to the switches.

The local and remote Data ONTAP systems must be connected to the fabric.

The following illustration provides a reference for connecting the switch fabric:

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  1. Connect the switched fabric:
    1. If you are configuring a new switch fabric, set the domain ID to a unique domain ID for each switch in the fabric. See your switch documentation for details.
    2. Connect an ISL cable to a switch on one fabric and to another switch on the same fabric. In the sample illustration, Fabric 1, Switch 1, Port 5 connects to Fabric 1, Switch 3, Port 10.
    3. Connect an ISL cable on a switch on the alternate fabric to another switch on the alternate fabric. In the sample illustration, Fabric 2, Switch 2, Port 14 connects to Fabric 2, Switch 4, Port 19.
    Note: You must install a long distance SFP adapter in each port that you use to connect an ISL cable. You might also need to install an additional switch license to provide ISL support.
  2. Make sure that all switch IDs are set, and then turn on each switch 10 minutes apart from one another.

Connect the fabric and the storage arrays.