Restricting access to the node by fencing off

You can use manual fencing as an alternative to turning off power to the disaster site node. The manual fencing method restricts access using software and physical means.

  1. Disconnect the HA interconnect and Fibre Channel adapter cables of the node at the surviving site.
  2. Use the appropriate fencing method depending on the type of failover you are using:
    If you are using... Then fencing is achieved by...
    Application failover Using any application-specified method that either prevents the application from restarting at the disaster site or prevents the application clients from accessing the application servers at the disaster site. Methods can include turning off the application server, removing an application server from the network, or any other method that prevents the application server from running applications.
    IP failover Using network management procedures to ensure that the storage systems at the disaster site are isolated from the external public network.