Recovering from a disaster

After determining that there is a disaster, you should take steps to recover access to data, fix problems at the disaster site, and re-create the MetroCluster configuration.

Complete the following tasks in the order shown.

Attention: If for any reason the primary node has data that was not mirrored to the secondary node prior to the execution of the cf forcetakeover –d command, data could be lost. Do not resynchronize the original disks of the primary site for a SnapLock volume until an additional backup has been made of those disks to ensure availability of all data. This situation could arise, for example, if the link between the sites was down and the primary node had data written to it in the interim before the cf forcetakeover –d command was issued.

For more information about backing up data in SnapLock volumes using SnapMirror, see the Data ONTAP Archive and Compliance Management Guide for 7-Mode.