Accessing the remote node using the partner command without arguments

You can use the partner command to toggle between the partner mode, in which commands are executed on the partner node, and takeover mode.

  1. From the takeover prompt, enter the following command: partner

The prompt changes to the partner-mode prompt, which has the following form:emulated_node/takeover_node>

Example of the change to partner mode

The following example shows the change from takeover mode to partner mode and back:

filer1(takeover)> partner
Login from console: filer2
Thu Aug 20 16:44:39 GMT [filer1: rc]: Login from console: filer2
filer2/filer1> partner
Logoff from console: filer2
filer1(takeover)> Thu Aug 20 16:44:54 GMT [filer1: rc]: Logoff from console: filer2