Checking hardware-assisted takeover statistics

You can display statistics about hardware-assisted takeovers to determine how many alert events of each type have been received from the partner.

  1. Enter the following command to display or clear the hardware-assisted takeover statistics, respectively:cf hw_assist statscf hw_assist stats clear

Example of hardware-assisted takeover statistics

The following example shows output from the cf hw_assist stats command on a system that has received a variety of alerts from the partner:

# cf hw_assist: stats

Known hw_assist alerts received from partner

   alert type       alert event                          num of alerts

   ----------       -----------                          -------------

   system_down       post_error                           0

   system_down       power_loss                           0

   system_down       abnormal_reboot                      0

   system_down       l2_watchdog_reset                    0

   system_down       power_off_via_rlm                    0

   system_down       power_cycle_via_rlm                  0

   system_down       reset_via_rlm                        0

   keep_alive        loss_of_heartbeat                    0

   keep_alive        periodic_message                     18

   test              test                                 6

Unknown hw_assist alerts received from partner

   Partner nvramid mismatch alerts 5

   Shared secret mismatch alerts 10

   Unknown alerts 23

Number of times hw_assist alerts throttled: 3