Verifying proper setup at MetroCluster sites with storage arrays

After installing a MetroCluster configuration with storage arrays, you need to test the paths, FC initiator ports, and switch configuration at each MetroCluster site to ensure that they are set up correctly.

  1. Enter the following command to display path information from each Data ONTAP system to the array LUNs: storage show disk -p You should see two paths to each array LUN.
  2. To test FC initiator ports, enter the following commands for each FC initiator port in the MetroCluster configuration:
    1. Enter privilege mode: priv set advanced
    2. Display the state of the HBA port: fcadmin link_state
    3. Take an FC port offline to simulate a port failure or a cable pull: fcadmin offline portname fcadmin offline 0a
    4. Display disk path information: storage show disk -p The display should show only one path.
    5. Bring the FC port online: fcadmin online portname fcadmin online 0a
    6. Verify that both paths are online: storage show disk -p
  3. Simulate a switch failure or a storage array controller failure for each switch fabric by entering the following commands:
    1. Take all FC ports offline on both Data ONTAP systems that are attached to one fabric: fcadmin offline portname fcadmin offline 0a fcadmin offline 0b fcadmin offline 0c fcadmin offline 0d If your model has more than four FC initiator ports, take the remaining initiator ports offline.
    2. Verify that all HBAs are disabled: fcadmin link_state
    3. Initiate a takeover from site A: cf takeover
    4. When site B is in takeover mode, initiate a giveback from Site A: cf giveback