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Adding an interface to a VLAN

If a physical interface does not belong to any VLAN, you can use the vlan create command to make the interface a member of one or more VLANs. However, if the interface is already a member of a VLAN, you should use the vlan add command to add the interface to subsequent VLANs.

About this task

VLANs created using the vlan add commands are not persistent across reboots unless the vlan commands are added to the /etc/rc file.


  1. Enter the following command: vlan add interface_name vlanid
    interface_name is the name of the network interface.
    vlanid is the VLAN identifier to which the interface belongs. You can include a list of VLAN identifiers.
    Add VLANs with identifiers 40 and 50 on the interface e4 of a storage system by using the following command: vlan add e4 40 50

    VLAN interfaces e4-40 and e4-50 are created.

After you finish

You must configure the VLAN interface by using the ifconfig command.