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The vlan command syntax

You can use the vlan command to create, add interfaces to, delete, modify, and view the statistics of a VLAN.

The following table provides the syntax of the vlan command:
Command Description
vlan create [-g {on|off}] ifname vlanid_list Create a VLAN
vlan add ifname vlanid_list Add an interface to a VLAN
vlan delete -q ifname [vlanid_list] Delete an interface from a VLAN
vlan modify -g {on|off} ifname Enable or disable GVRP on VLAN interfaces
vlan stat ifname [vlanid_list] View the statistics of the network interfaces of a VLAN
For more information about the vlan command, see the na_vlan(1) man page.
Note: The VLANs created or changed using the vlan command are not persistent across reboots unless the vlan commands are added to the /etc/rc file.