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Deleting igroups

When deleting igroups, you can use a single command to simultaneously remove the LUN mapping and delete the igroup. You can also use two separate commands to unmap the LUNs and delete the igroup.


  1. Delete one or more igroups by completing one of the following steps.
    If you want to... Then enter this command...
    Remove LUN mappings before deleting the igroup lun unmap lun-path igroup then igroup destroy igroup1 [igroup2, igroup3...]
    Remove all LUN maps for an igroup and delete the igroup with one command igroup destroy -f igroup1 [igroup2, igroup3...]
    lun unmap /vol/vol2/qtree/LUN10 win-group5 then igroup destroy win-group5
    igroup destroy -f win-group5