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Sample quotas file

A short example quotas file, together with explanations, can help you to understand the different types of quota entries and how they affect your quotas.

The following sample quotas file contains both default and explicit quotas:
#Quota Target type                disk  files  thold  sdisk  sfile
#------------ ----                ----  -----  -----  -----  -----
*             user@/vol/vol1       50M   15K
*             group@/vol/vol1      750M  85K
*             tree@/vol/vol1       100M  75K
jdoe          user@/vol/vol1/proj1 100M  75K
msmith        user@/vol/vol1       75M   75K
msmith        user@/vol/vol1/proj1 75M   75K
This quotas file has the following effects: