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Difference in space usage displayed by a quota report and a UNIX client

The value of used disk space that is displayed in a quota report for a volume or qtree can be different from the value displayed by a UNIX client for the same volume or qtree. The difference in usage values is because of the difference in methods followed by the quota report and the UNIX commands for calculating the data blocks in the volume or qtree.

For example, if a volume contains a file that has empty data blocks (to which data is not written), the quota report for the volume does not count the empty data blocks while reporting the space usage. However, when the volume is mounted on a UNIX client and the file is shown as the output of the ls command, the empty data blocks are also included in the space usage. Therefore, the ls command displays a higher file size when compared to the space usage displayed by the quota report.

Similarly, the space usage values shown in a quota report can also differ from the values shown as a result of UNIX commands such as df and du.