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Restoring a destroyed aggregate

If you previously destroyed an aggregate and have changed your mind, you can restore the aggregate if the data is still intact and the aggregate was not SnapLock-compliant.

Before you begin

You must know the name of the aggregate you want to restore, because there is no Data ONTAP command available to display destroyed aggregates, and they do not appear in the management tools.


  1. Restore the aggregate by entering the following command: aggr undestroy aggr_name
    aggr undestroy aggr1
    The following message is displayed:To proceed with aggr undestroy, select one of the following options [1] abandon the command [2] undestroy aggregate aggr1 ID: 0xf8737c0-11d9c001-a000d5a3-bb320198 Selection (1-2)?

    If you select 2, a message is displayed with a date and time stamp for each disk that is restored to the aggregate.

  2. Run the wafliron program with the privilege level set to advanced.