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Migrating your data

You use the ndmpcopy command from the Data ONTAP prompt to migrate your data to the target volume.


  1. Ensure that NDMP is configured correctly by entering the following commands: options ndmpd.enable on options ndmpd.authtype challenge
    Note: If you are migrating your volume between storage systems, make sure that these options are set correctly on both systems.
  2. Disable data access to the source volume.
  3. Migrate the data by entering the following command at the storage system prompt: ndmpcopy src_vol_name dest_vol_name
    ndmpcopy /vol/vol0trad /vol/vol0
    Attention: Make sure that you use the storage system command-line interface to run the ndmpcopy command. If you run this command from a client, your data will not migrate successfully.

    For more information about the ndmpcopy command, see the Data ONTAP Data Protection Online Backup and Recovery Guide for 7-Mode.

  4. Verify that the ndmpcopy operation completed successfully by validating the copied data.


The target volume now contains the data from the source volume.

Snapshot copies on the source volume are not affected by this procedure. However, they are not replicated to the target FlexVol volume as part of the migration.