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Commands to display drive and array LUN information

You can see information about your drives and array LUNs using several commands, including the aggr, disk, fcstat, sasadmin, storage, sysconfig, and sysstat commands.

Use this Data ONTAP command... To display information about...
aggr status -f Drives or array LUNs in your storage system that have failed, or that have been preemptively failed by Data ONTAP.
aggr status -m Drives in your storage system that are currently in the maintenance center, that have been or are being sanitized, and that are being checked by Data ONTAP due to poor response time.
aggr status -r RAID layout and status for all aggregates; how each drive is used in its aggregate.
aggr status -s Hot spares available in your storage system.
disk encrypt show Disks that have Storage Encryption enabled.
disk maint status The status of drive maintenance tests that are in progress.
disk sanitize status The status of the sanitization process, after the disk sanitize start command has been executed.
disk show List of drives and array LUNs owned by a storage system, or unowned drives and array LUNs.
disk show -v All of the information provided by the disk show command, plus the checksum of each drive.
fcstat device_map A physical representation of where FC-AL attached drives reside in a loop and a mapping of the disks to the disk shelves.
fcstat fcal_stats Error and exception conditions, and handler code paths executed.
fcstat link_stats Link event counts.
sasadmin devstats Statistics for SAS-connected drives: command completion counts, frame in and out counts, error and timeout counts.
sasadmin shelf[short] Logical view of SAS shelf (long and short view).
storage array show-config The connectivity between the storage system and individual array LUN groups on a storage array by showing specific storage system FC initiator ports, switch ports, and storage array ports on the path to each array LUN group.
storage array show-luns The array LUNs that the storage array presented to Data ONTAP over the storage array World Wide Port Names (WWPNs) you specify.
storage show acp The Alternate Control Path (ACP) module. Specifies whether the mode is enabled and displays connectivity and configuration information.
storage show disk -a Detailed information about drives, including SSD life-cycle reporting, presented in a report form that is easily interpreted by scripts. This content also appears in the STORAGE section of an AutoSupport report.
storage show disk -p Primary and secondary paths to all disks and array LUNs.
storage show disk -T -x The Data ONTAP drive type and the drive and array LUN information.
storage show disk -x The drive ID, shelf, bay, serial number, vendor, model, and revision level of all drives and array LUNs.
sysconfig -d The drive name in the Device column, followed by the expansion slot number, shelf, bay, channel, and serial number.
sysconfig -h Each drive, along with the size displayed in appropriate units (KB, GB, or TB) as calculated using the powers of two (GB = 1024 × 1024 × 1024).
sysstat The number of kilobytes per second (kB/s) of data being read and written.