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How the cutover phase of volume move works

The cutover phase is the final phase of the volume move. During the cutover phase, the data in the source volume and the destination volume is synchronized. I/O operations are redirected to the destination volume and the volume move is complete.

The following processes take place during the cutover phase.
Note: The host application might encounter I/O disruptions if storage system reboot, nondisruptive upgrade (NDU), shutdown, takeover, or giveback occurs during the volume move.

If the volume move is not completed within the specified cutover period (default 60 seconds), then the cutover phase is timed out, logging the appropriate error messages, and the volume move reverts to the data copy phase.

If the cutover phase is successful, it results in the following:

Depending on the number of cutover attempts, the volume move tries to enter the cutover phase again. If cutover is not completed within the specified number of cutover attempts, then the volume move is paused and an appropriate error message is recorded in the log file. You can then manually resume the volume move.