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Verifying path failover for array LUNs in an HA pair

It is important to demonstrate that controller failover and then path failover occur in an HA pair so that the system can to continue to operate on a single path.


  1. Set your privilege level to advanced: priv set advanced
    You need to enter this command on the local and partner node.
  2. On the local node, enter the following command to set port 0a offline (assuming that the redundant port pair is 0a and 0c): fcadmin offline 0a
  3. Verify that only one path is available on the port pair: storage show disk -p
  4. Enter the following command to initiate HA pair takeover: cf takeover
  5. On the partner node, enter the following command: cf giveback
  6. After the partner node is back online, repeat Steps 1, 2, and 3 on the partner node.