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Deleting a quota by removing resource restrictions

You can remove a quota for a specific target by removing the resource restrictions for that target. This is equivalent to changing that quota entry to a tracking quota.


  1. Open the quotas file with the editor of your choice and edit the quotas file entry for the specified target so that the quota entry becomes a tracking quota.
    Suppose your quotas file contained the following entry for the jdoe user:
    jdoe            user@/vol/vol2/       100M    75K
    To remove the restrictions for jdoe, you edit the entry as follows:
    jdoe            user@/vol/vol2/         -       -
  2. Save and close the quotas file.
    The quotas file is updated but the change is not yet effective.

After you finish

Run the quota resize command to cause Data ONTAP to reread the quotas file; this will cause your change to become effective.