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Pausing the volume move operation

You can manually pause the volume move during the setup phase or the data copy phase to complete any high priority I/O operations.


  1. Pause the volume move by entering the following command: vol move pause srcvol


system1> vol move pause vol1
Wed Aug 29 08:11:40 GMT [system1: replication.src.err:error]: 
SnapMirror: source transfer from vol1 to system1:
ndm_dstvol_1188375081 : transfer failed.
Wed Aug 29 08:11:41 GMT [system1: replication.dst.err:error]: 
SnapMirror: destination transfer from to 
ndm_dstvol_1188375081 : replication transfer failed to complete.
Wed Aug 29 08:11:41 GMT [system1: vol.move.paused:info]: 
Move of volume vol1 to aggregate aggr1 paused : User initiated